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Detroit's Mexican Consulate Hosts 5th Annual International Soccer Tournament On October 13 14, 2012

October 12, 2012
September 20, 2012, Detroit, MI - The Consulate of México, Wayne State University, APROMEX (Association of Mexican Professionals in Michigan) and Ultimate Soccer Arenas announce the 5th Annual Consulates of Michigan Soccer Tournament on October 13 – 14, 2012.
The amateur, sporting event features residents of Detroit and surrounding communities representing 16 general consulates in Metro-Detroit, which include: BRAZIL, CANADA, CHINA, FRANCE, IRAQ, ITALY, JAPAN, LEBANON, MACEDONIA, MÉXICO, PALESTINE, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, SYRIA, UNITED STATES (Wayne State University) and YEMEN.
“The purpose of this event is to promote cooperation between international communities in a fun and relaxing environment. We wanted to do something to bring families together,” commented Vicente Sanchez-Ventura, Consul General of México for Michigan and Northern Ohio. “We’ve had such overwheming interest that we had to expand the event to include 16 teams this year.”
The 16 international teams will engage in a two-day competition at Ultimate Soccer Arenas, located at 867 South Blvd E, Pontiac, MI. All teams play on Saturday, October 13th starting with the Opening Ceremony at 10:25 AM. On Sunday, October 14th, teams play quarterfinal, semifinal,
third place and final games. The championship game is scheduled to take place on Sunday at 1:50 PM, followed by the awards ceremony.
Admission is free both days.
The Consulate of México initiated the invitational tournament in 2008 with four teams – Canada, Lebanon, México and Macedonia. “The first year, Macedonia celebrated the championship; while in 2009 eight teams played and Lebanon won,” Consul Sanchez commented. “This year, we
expect increased enthusiasm – especially in light of the excitment caused by the Summer Olympics.” In 2011, the soccer tournament drew a crowd of more than 500. The tournament expanded to include 12 teams in the third year; and Team USA, organized by Wayne State University on behalf of the United States, won that 2010 championship. In last year’s tournament, the consulate of Iraq prevailed in a 12-team competition.
“With so much unrest in many parts of the world right now, I believe this important event shows that we can still collaborate in Detroit,” Consul Sanchez added. “We are a diverse, international community with a common cause. We all want to work together to increase prosperity in Detroit,
while promoting good will on behalf of our individual countries.”
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