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GHRC Summer Workshop curriculum

Global Health Research Collaborative team meeting
    Global Health Research Collaborative team

WSU Online Summer Workshop in
Global Health Research and Fieldwork Practices

July 13 - August 8, 2020


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will be holding our first summer workshop this year on an online platform at a considerably lower cost. Participants will still be provided with the tools to engage with our faculty on a regular basis, as well as develop a one on one relationship with their faculty mentor during the duration of the course. This year there will be an added focus on the COVID 19 pandemic.


We at the Wayne State University Global Health Research Collaborative aim to provide a stimulating educational atmosphere in global health research using a novel online curriculum to stimulate effective skill building for global health research work and a direct pathway into the Global Health Research Collaborative.

The first WSU Summer Workshop in Global Health Research and Fieldwork Practices is a four-week online training experience designed for professionals from all backgrounds and intends to provide the foundational skills required to succeed in conducting academic and policy-driven global health projects. The students will be introduced to a strong network of world leaders in global health, under whose advisement students will engage in impactful global health initiatives. This year, there will be a focus on COVID 19 and approaching global pandemics.

Workshop participants will be introduced to a wide variety of core global health research skills to be practiced and solidified during the first three weeks, with the final week involving introduction into one of four different specializations within global health. Upon registration, participants may choose one of the following tracks as their focus area:

  1. Emergency medicine
  2. Maternal and child health
  3. Behavioral health
  4. Communicable disease

Education Beyond the Classroom 

Upon registration, participants will be asked to submit a project proposal (capstone project). Concurrently with the beginning of the course, participants will be assigned a mentor from our research faculty based on the topic of their proposal; who will provide competent and experienced expertise for project development. Throughout the course, participants will be given scheduled time with their mentors as well as encouraged to continue correspondence outside the virtual classroom. Accommodations will be made to ensure that students get adequate and quality time to establish a rapport with their mentor and discuss any specific career, research, and personal development queries they have in order to generate a supportive relationship. This relationship will continue beyond the summer workshop; through grant submission, research conduction and culminate in manuscript writing and publication. The workshop aims to provide a platform for the development of a long-distance mentor-mentee relationship, along with building a strong foundation for establishing a network of well-qualified clinical researchers worldwide.

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Program cost

The cost of the program is fixed and will extend to all participants, global or local. Payment can be made via online check or credit card with a receipt sent to your email instantly. Once the application is accepted, details of the fee payment will be forwarded.

Program cost for online course per attendee: USD $499.

Cost includes:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous online academic program for the duration of four weeks
  • Access to Wayne State Libraries
  • Lifetime access to all course material post-completion of the course
  • Registration into the Global Health Research Collaborative
  • Ongoing mentorship after completion of the workshop
  • Certificate of completion from the Global Health Research Collaborative - Wayne State University

Global Health Research Collaborative - Wayne State University

Much of the criticism surrounding global health research stems from a lack of infrastructure to promote collaboration and communication among research professionals of an interdisciplinary team, which would otherwise encourage collaboration among teammates and stimulate cultural awareness. Current criticisms of global health research include: (1) Scientific imperialism, and (2) Difficulty for newly trained professionals to integrate into the research community, which often stems from an absence of institutional infrastructure. The Wayne State University Global Health Research Collaborative aims to educate health personnel and conduct research that is void of these criticisms through a novel research and educational infrastructure.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of a collaborative network comprising highly-qualified global health researchers around the world who will conduct quality research aimed at improving

  • Population health;
  • Capacity development; and
  • Evaluation of evidence-based interventions for health challenges affecting low and middle-income countries.

Inspire a worldwide global health research infrastructure with a strong network of high-quality global health researchers

Our vision is to foster quality research, which is carried out seamlessly across all nations, leading to advances in science that will reduce the burden of disease, improve health and longevity and be implemented equally across the globe.

Provide aspiring professionals with quality mentorship opportunities

We aim to provide future researchers with access to world leaders in global health research in order to lower the challenges faced when navigating the field, while also supporting researchers with an individualized mentorship plan to foster confidence and commitment, thus curating independence.