American Sign Language available as spring/summer course: Register now!

Wynne Lockwood
Adorable Wynne Lockwood inspired her dad,
WSU AVP Matt Lockwood, to take a course
in American Sign Language last summer.

The spring/summer term always has interesting options, oftentimes including courses that aren’t offered during the traditional academic year and this session is no exception.

For instance, students can learn the third-most used language in the United States, American Sign Language, via ASE 3000, a fully online introductory course. And, for the first time, the College of Education will offer American Sign Language II as a summer course.

The course will teach greetings, asking and answering questions, nonverbal communication and the ability to have one on one conversations in ASL. No prerequisites are required and two semesters fulfill the university’s foreign language requirement.

Matt Lockwood, associate vice president of university communications, had no experience with ASL before enrolling in the course last year.

“My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Kleefstra Syndrome in July,” says Lockwood. “Since many people with KS are nonverbal, my daughter is beginning to learn ASL, so I wanted to learn it so that I can better communicate with her. Plus, it’s just a great life skill to have.

“The course gave me a great introduction to the ASL alphabet, simple sentences, and basic math. I can now introduce my daughter to concepts that I’ve learned, and I think I’ll be much quicker picking up on new signs that she uses. I plan to take ASL 2 in the future.”

Students interested in enrolling to ASL 1 or 2 – or any spring/summer course – can do so online at

Undergrads who have registered for and are on track to complete 24 credits at WSU (not including credit by examination or transfer credit) during the fall and winter terms, and have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.5 at the end of the fall term, may be eligible for the 30% Spring/Summer Tuition Break.

By Jacob Stocking, Educational Outreach and International Programs communications associate


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