As the only intensive English language program in the metropolitan Detroit area, the English Language Institute (ELI) of Wayne State University has specialized exclusively in teaching academic preparation skills, English communication, and cultural orientation to non-native speakers of English from all over the world for more than 45 years.

Improve your English and start your academic program

The English Language Institute works with you to:

  • Meet Wayne State University's English language proficiency requirement for admission to an academic program at WSU.
  • Improve your general communication skills.
  • Gain cultural orientation to the U.S.

If you successfully complete the highest level of the ELI, you meet WSU's general admission requirement for English proficiency. This is an alternative to standardized language tests, such as TOEFL iBT and IELTS.

In other words, you can meet the English language proficiency requirement for admission by either:

The minimum scores needed for admissions consideration are listed below, but please note that some academic departments require higher scores:

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Enjoy our welcoming community of experts

Our faculty members have degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or Linguistics. We are committed to helping you adjust to living and studying in the United States. At the ELI, you become part of a vibrant community, participating in field trips, workshops, cross-cultural activities and holiday celebrations.

Build skills and confidence with a strong support network

ELI faculty, administrators and fellow students form a vital support network that helps you integrate faster into the English-speaking community. Every day, through the ELI, you'll put your new English language skills to work and build the confidence you need to succeed in any academic program you choose.

Ready to join us? Apply to the ELI.

Questions? Contact us.

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Passing all ELI advanced-level classes


Our Mission

We prepare English language learners from the global and local communities for academic study by providing comprehensive and intensive language instruction.