Paper Plate Awards provide special recognition for Washington Mandela Fellows


Dr. Rebecca Sikanyani Furaha holds her Paper Plate Award
Dr. Rebecca Sikanyani Furaha of Democratic Republic of Congo with her "Doctor Without Borders" award

As the Office of International Programs team looks back on 2023, the highlight that stood out for every staffer was announcing the prestigious Paper Plate Awards, coveted by many but received by only a select few.

The awards were presented to Wayne State’s cohort of Mandela Washington Fellows, 25 of Africa’s bright, emerging public management leaders who visited campus for a six-week summer Leadership Institute sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

Fellowship programming included academic coursework, leadership training, mentoring, networking, professional opportunities and local community engagement. WSU’s Leadership Institute incorporates community partners from nonprofit organizations and local government and provides myriad cultural activities to exemplify Detroit.

In addition to their scholarly achievements, fellows were recognized for their outstanding personal efforts, warmth, and the friendship they brought to the program. In recognition of such unwavering awesomeness, we are proud to announce the recipients of the 2023 Wayne State University Mandela Washington Fellows Paper Plate Awards.

Fellow                                                                     Award                           

Abay Gosaye Wondi                                                   Kindness Counts

Abraham Getachew Kelbore                                    Busy Bee

Bokayo Guyo Halake                                                  Speaker of the House

Bounama Senghor                                                      Prescription for Courage

Brian Pareno Solonka                                                The DJ

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Uzoho (Emeka)            The Aretha Franklin

Ebenezar Chiemerie Okafor                                      The Celebrity

Emma Louise Powell                                                  Mrs. President

Fatoumata Battouly Diallo                                        The Free Bird

Jennifer El Duah                                                          Most likely to IGNITE the Crowd

Karen Chiti Chitamaluka                                            Sugar and Spice

Leslee Fanny Way                                                       Mother Earth

Merapelo Lechaena                                                   Shakedown Queen

Messaoud Ould Braika                                              Light up the Room

Mohammed Ahmed Jalloh                                       The Real Slim Shady

Omar Cham                                                                 Mr. President

Pape Mikailou Thiaw (Mikail)                                   The Voyager

Purity Wambui Nyaikamba                                       Pocketful of Sunshine

Rabi Adamu Sufi                                                         The Caregiver

Rebecca Sikanyani Furaha                                         Doctor without Borders

Reech Majok Deng Malual (Akumric)                     The Poet

Rosalia Nghitalesheni Joseph                                   Runway Ready

Shamsi Yasin Saady                                                    Cool as a Cucumber

Sophie Gomani                                                           The Gentle Soul

Tshitenge Wa Tshitenge (Honore)                            The Paparazzi

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