Spring/summer communication and improv courses in Ilitch Business School open to all grad students

Graduate students in any academic program who want to get closer to graduation can register for two-weekend course offerings from the Mike Ilitch School of Business to help them do just that. And there are no prerequisites!

Communication: The Voice of Leadership (MGT 8000), is a three-credit, two-weekend offering to help students polish their managerial communication skills and competencies, and learn how strong communication creates strong leaders. Leadership is framed as a communication-centric activity, with students developing their speaking, presenting, signaling, listening and writing skills.

But, as leaders will know, things do not always go according to plan. That’s where improvisation takes over. Students in Improv in Business (MGT 8000 section 002), a three-credit, two-weekend course, learn how to apply improv theory to the business world.

Using research informed by theatrical and jazz metaphors, exercises and games, students learn and apply underlying concepts of improvisation including good communication, active listening, creative thinking, rapid response, concentration, focus, teamwork and building a positive culture of agreement.

While these courses look very different from the typical business school offerings, Ilitch School Associate Dean Toni Somers encourages dedicated students to attend these classes and pick up some unique skills.

“If you want to change minds, organizations, or the world, spring is a great time to focus on key self-development skills required to do it,” explains Somers. “The content of our leadership course and improvisation can be put to immediate, game-changing use in your personal, academic and professional life. And improv rocks. Think about it, you improvise something every day of your life. Why not get good at it?”

Space is filling up fast! Classes begin May 5 and registration is open for all spring/summer classes.

--By Patrick Bernas, Office of International Programs editorial associate

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