Student resources

The Office of Fellowships works with students who are eligible for nationally competitive fellowships.

Services provided

Before Application

  • Track and post major fellowship opportunities and deadlines.
  • Advise and inform students on fellowship opportunities.
  • Answer questions regarding fellowships applications eligibility. 

During Application

  • Support students through application process: essays securing strong letters of recommendation gathering and sending the necessary application materials.
  • Screen students for fellowships which limit university-wide application numbers

After Application

  • Receive and coordinate recommendations for selected students and compose institutional endorsement letters.
  • Coordinate student essay reviews and revisions (where permitted).
  • Assemble faculty panels for student practice interviews should they advance to next round.

How to apply for a fellowship

  1. Explore opportunities: check eligibility, note timeline, make a list of why you'd be a good candidate.
  2. Complete the Intake Form and a Fellowship coordinator will be in touch.
  3. Submit your essays (in Microsoft Word document) to the Office of Fellowships and meet with a faculty advisor to review. In the subject line of the email, list your full name, the award for which you are applying, and the award deadline.
  4. Submit your fellowship application before the deadline.
  5. Email for submitting semi-finalist materials or for assistance in formally accepting an award.

Resources for specific awards

Please email with any specific questions. For more information, please self-enroll in our Canvas Page for resources and to receive announcements.