Placement chart

Placement testing

Before students are admitted to the ELI program, they must submit an official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo score report.  The ELI offers three levels (Advanced, High-Intermediate, and Intermediate) within two bands (Academic English and Introduction to Academic English).  All students placed in the Introduction to Academic English band will study together.  New materials will be used each semester to provide for maximum learning opportunities in the Introduction to Academic English band.

To satisfy WSU's English proficiency requirement, students can complete the full-time intensive English program in one, two, or three semesters and then apply for admission to their academic degree program at WSU.

English Language Institute Placement Chart for Intensive Program

Bands Score requirements Course offerings Length of study    

Academic English


  • TOEFL iBT: 65-78
  • IELTS: 6.0
  • Duolingo: 100-105
  • Advanced Speaking and Listening
  • Advanced Reading and Writing
  • Research Skills
  • Advanced Grammar
1 semester  

Introduction to Academic English


  • TOEFL iBT: 53-64
  • IELTS: 5.5
  • Duolingo: 85-95
  • High-Intermediate Speaking and Listening
  • High-Intermediate Writing and Grammar
  • High-Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary
2 semesters  

Introduction to Academic English


  • TOEFL iBT: 40-52
  • IELTS: 4-5-5.0
  • Duolingo: 65-80
  • Intermediate Speaking and Listening
  • Intermediate Writing and Grammar
  • Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary
3 semesters  

The length of study is based on successful completion of all classes in each level with grades of 78% or higher.

To advance to the next level in all classes:

  • Passing grade of C+ (78%) in each class

To complete the Intensive English program and satisfy the general English proficiency requirement for university admission, students must receive passing grades of C+ (78%) in all four Academic English classes. 

Request for change in ELI placement

It is normal to feel concerned about your ELI placement. The first week of classes in the ELI may be very challenging for some students, especially if they are newcomers to the U.S.A. However, other students may think that the first week of classes is slow or repetitive. It is normal to feel concerned or even worried about your ELI placement. Your teachers are here for you, so express any concerns that you may have about the course to them. In addition, please keep in mind that the pace and complexity of the course content will increase in the second and third weeks of the course. If you still believe that your placement needs to be adjusted, follow the guidelines and procedures below to request a change in your ELI placement.

Guidelines for new students requesting a change in ELI placement

1. If you feel that any of the classes that you have been placed in are either too difficult or not challenging enough, you should first discuss your concerns with your teacher. When you express your concerns directly to your teacher, your teacher can monitor your proficiency and performance and make a recommendation for a change in ELI placement if she/he feels it is justified.

2. After speaking with your teacher, if you still believe that you have been inappropriately placed in a course, submit a Request for Change in ELI Placement FormPlease refer to the "Course Placement for New Students" and "Progression through the Program" sections of the ELI Student Handbook for ELI placement and promotion policies.  Refer to the "Appeal Procedure for Intital Placement"  section for appeal information.

Appeal procedure for initial placement

At the start of the semester, all students are required to attend the classes in which they have been placed. Once a request for a change in placement has been submitted, the Academic Coordinator will review the student's placement data and current performance with the teachers involved. When a final decision has been reached, the Academic Coordinator will inform the student in writing.

Any changes to a new student's placement are made on the official WSU last day to add or drop classes, which is usually at the end of the 2nd week of ELI classes. Any changes to a returning student's placement are made before classes begin for the next semester.