Finding a doctor and using insurance

Campus Health Center

The first place to visit when you are sick or have a minor injury is the Campus Health Center (CHC). Same-day appointments may be available for acute illnesses or recent injuries. Schedule an appointment for routine health services such as immunizations or wellness exams.

The CHC can also provide some services for your dependents. You may be responsible for some of the charges, so inquire when you call for an appointment.

In light of COVID-19, the CHC is now offering tele-health (phone) and tele-medicine (video) appointments. Free COVID-19 testing is also available through the CHC.

The Campus Health Center is located on the first floor of the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments, on the northwest corner of Anthony Wayne Drive at Kirby Avenue.

Finding an In-Network Provider

If you need to find a specialist, urgent care center or hospital, you should use an in-network provider to minimize your costs and maximize your insurance coverage. You can identify an in-network provider by using the Relation Provider Network and following the online instructions. Always check with the doctor or medical provider directly to confirm that they accept your insurance before you receive treatment.

Urgent care

If you need to see a doctor and the CHC is closed, visit an urgent care center. They offer extended service hours on a walk-in basis and can treat minor injuries and acute, non-life threatening illnesses.


If you have a major or life-threatening injury or illness, go to a hospital emergency room (ER). Call 911 for an ambulance to take you. Only visit an ER in the event of an emergency, as your insurance will not cover non-emergency medical services in an ER and you will be responsible for the fees.

The emergency hospitals closest to Wayne State:

DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital

DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan

Henry Ford Hospital

Proof of insurance

You should always present your insurance card when visiting a medical provider. You can login to your account and print a copy of your insurance card within 48 hours of enrolling in Wayne State's IHIP. You will receive your permanent insurance card in the mail. If you haven't' received your card within three weeks of enrolling, contact or call 313-577-3422.