Advising and registration

Congratulations on your admittance to Wayne State University!  Now it's time to meet with your advisors and register for classes.

The latest guidelines from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stipulate that new international students must enroll in at least one hybrid or in-person class in order to be eligible to enter the U.S. to start their academic program. Since Wayne State is current mode of instructional delivery includes online, hybrid, and face-to-face course options, the university is able to support the majority of our new international students in meeting this requirement.

New students who are not able to attend classes in-person have the choice of starting their classes online while remaining outside of the U.S. or reapplying for admission for a later term. Graduate students who would like to be considered for admission for another term should contact their departmental adviser for instructions and next steps. Undergraduates should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at

  • Undergraduate students

    Reserve your place 

    Once you have been admitted, you will be prompted via email to accept your admission and pay your enrollment deposit to reserve your place at Wayne State.  

    Choose time for required orientation 

    Next, you will be invited to sign up for orientation, which is required for all incoming undergraduate students. Make your reservation as soon as you know you are coming to Wayne State by signing in to the orientation reservation system using your application log-in information.

    If you miss all the orientation dates, you should contact your advisor directly.

    Meet with an academic advisor 

    Transfer students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to an orientation session. However, we will have advisors available during orientation to help develop your plan of work, discuss transfer credit and register for your first semester of classes at Wayne State. All undergraduate students are encouraged to set up an appointment to meet with your academic advisor at anytime for additional assistance with creating a plan of study with suggested courses to help you satisfy degree requirements for your academic program. 

    Register for classes

    Once you have received your I-20 and met with your academic advisor, you can register for your classes. Check out the registration schedule to determine when you are able to sign up for classes based on your class standing. 

  • Graduate students

    Submit official transcripts

    You will need to request a course-by-course academic evaluation from WES or ECE, which will serve as your official transcript. Be sure that this document is sent to WSU's Office of Graduate Admissions. We recommend that you submit this document as soon as possible. If it is not received by the time you are ready to register for your second semester of classes, you will have a hold on your account that prevents you from registering, and this could negatively impact your visa status. Please contact if you have any questions about this requirement.

    Meet with your faculty advisor

    Once you have been accepted as a graduate student, you should contact your faculty advisor directly to determine your plan of study so that you can identify classes that are needed to earn your Wayne State degree. If you need assistance determining who your advisor is, please email for assistance.

    Register for classes 

    Once you have received your I-20 and meet with your faculty advisor, you can register for your classes. Check out the registration schedule to determine when you are able to sign up for classes based on your class standing.