Programs outside WSU

There are many advantages to participating in a Wayne State program, but you can also participate in programs outside the university. You can use search engines such as and IIE Passport to search for other study abroad programs. 

Transferring Credits

Before you commit to a non-Wayne State program, find out whether the credits will transfer back to Wayne State University. WSU will only accept transcripts from accredited universities. In many cases, this means students will have to pay a fee at a provider company for "School of Record". 

Submit the course description for the program you want to take to your academic advisor, prior to participating on a program. Upon your return and receiving your official transcript, from an accredited university, Transfer Credit Evaluation will work with your academic advisor to establish equivalencies. They will evaluate the course and let you know what credits, if any, you may receive.  

Financial Aid

If you are approved to attend a non-Wayne State study abroad program, you may be eligible for the Federal Direct Loan Program, Pell Grants and alternative private loans. WSU grants/scholarships are not available for non-Wayne State programs.  

Financial aid for a non-Wayne State study abroad program must be approved in advance and obtained at Wayne State. A consortium agreement between Wayne State and the host institution must be signed before any financial assistance is awarded. 

Getting Approval

In order to seek approval to participate in a non-Wayne State University study abroad program, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to obtain approval of the study program and the courses you wish to enroll in at the host institution. The program and courses must be relevant to your degree plan at Wayne State. Your advisor must complete and sign the "Home Institution" section of the consortium agreement to show departmental approval by the department indicates course equivalency has been established through a Transfer Credit Evaluation and all credits received at the host institution will be transferred to Wayne State.  

  2. Submit the consortium agreement to financial aid office at the host institution where you plan to study abroad. The financial aid office at your host school must complete the "Host Institution" section, sign and return the agreement to you.  

  3. Review the agreement to ensure it has been completed and signed by all parties.  

  1. Submit the agreement to the Wayne State Office of Student Financial Aid, prior ot your departure. This must be completed, regardless if you receive any financial aid.  

  2. The Office of Student Financial Aid will notify you if you are approved for financial aid, and funds will be disbursed directly to you. It is your responsibility to pay all charges to the host institution. Wayne State will disburse aid funds within four weeks after they receive all of your financial aid application materials or at the beginning of the study abroad period, whichever occurs later. Be prepared to pay any up front study abroad travel costs, program fees and deposits on your own. 

  3. After the completion of your program, submit a transcript for all courses to Wayne State.  Financial aid for your next semester at Wayne State will not be applied until your grades are reviewed and they have confirmed your enrollment and satisfactory academic progress status.