Getting started

Study abroad is an investment in your future and requires planning in order to make the most of your experience. Now that you have decided that you would like to study abroad, follow these steps to properly prepare for the experience 

Learn the Basics 

  • Meet with a study abroad advisor, speak with a faculty leader, or browse the study abroad program directory to find answers to your initial questions.  You can schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor by sending an email to, or calling 313-577-3207.  

  • Join a Study Abroad and Financial Aid Drop-in Session, held monthly during the academic year. No appointment necessary. See Announcements for date, time, and location info. 

Explore Your Options 

Here are things to consider when you begin thinking about study abroad: 

  • How long would you like to study abroad? 
    •  Do you want to go over spring break or have a longer experience? What works with your school, work and home schedule? 
  • At what point in your academic career do you want to go?  
    • Students who are over 18 can participate in most of our programs from freshman through senior year. However, some programs require advanced coursework and some major-specific programs require specific academic standing. Start planning at least a year in advance to ensure you meet all the prerequisites. 
  • Where do you want to go?  
  • What is your learning objective? 
    • Do you want to experience another culture while under the supervision of an experienced faculty member, improve your language skills or get an inter-cultural learning experience?  
  • What's your budget? 
    • Study abroad can be affordable for most students if you plan well in advance. There are many ways you can finance your program, but keep in mind location, duration, and program inclusions vary in pricing. Keeping an open mind to location and duration may increase your chances of finding a program with fewer overall costs. 
  • Do you have a passport?  
    • You need a passport to enter all foreign countries and to return to the U.S. You should apply for one several months in advance, as processing can take at least three months. You can review requirements online at  


Once you've decided on a program that fits your needs, you'll have to submit an application for that specific program. 

  • If you have chosen a Wayne State sponsored program, complete the online application, which can be found in the Program Finder, under the "application process" section of the program to which you are applying. Pay attention to application deadlines! The WSU application requires an unofficial transcript, emergency contact information, and a non-refundable $50 application fee.  

  • If you have chosen a non-WSU program, apply directly with the program's institution or organization. You will need to complete the Consortium Agreement and turn it in to the Office of Financial Aid, regardless of whether or not you receive financial aid. 

Questions? Ask an advisor anything about choosing or getting ready for the right program!