As a J-1 scholar, you can participate in occasional outside lectures and short-term consulting if you meet the following requirements:

  • This work is approved in advance by an OISS scholar advisor.
  • It is directly related to the objectives of your exchange visitor program.
  • It is secondary (incidental) to your primary activities/work.
  • It doesn't delay the completion of your program.

Receiving authorization

Make an appointment with your OISS advisor and bring:

  • A letter of offer from your prospective employer describing the terms and conditions of the proposed employment, including:
    • Duration.
    • Number of hours.
    • Field or subject.
    • Amount of compensation.
    • Description of the activity for which you are being hired.
  • A letter from your Wayne State University department head or supervisor that:
    • Refers to the letter from the prospective employer.
    • Confirms that the employment is directly related to your primary activity, is occasional and will not delay completion of your program.
    • Explains how the proposed activity enhances your exchange visitor program.
    • Recommends approval of the employment.

Your advisor will evaluate the proposed employment in terms of your program objectives and your individual circumstances, then determine whether it is appropriate. If your advisor approves, you'll receive a letter of employment authorization.

You will not need an 1-9 from this employer since you are acting as an independent contractor, and the letter from your OISS advisor confirms that the activity meets the necessary requirements and that you are authorized for this employment.


Keep in mind that, in some cases, dependents are not allowed to work in the U.S. Check in with your OISS advisor to determine whether your dependents are authorized to work in the U.S. while they are here, and visit the OISS Dependent Employment page for more information.