The Form I-20 officially called the "Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status" is issued by WSU after you have been accepted. It shows that your main reason for coming to the U.S. is to study. It is an important document that you will use on numerous occasions, so be sure to safeguard it.

Anyone on an F student visa must have an I-20 to attend WSU.

I-20 application

Proof of funding for the first year of your studies is required to receive an I-20. You must submit a copy of your valid passport and your statement for financial support, along with supporting financial documentation, or proof of fellowship, assistantship or scholarship support from your academic program, to the Office of International Students and Scholars. You can upload documents to your Slate Application Portal or email them to i20unit@wayne.edu. Make sure to include your student ID number with in the email.

When your I-20 is ready, we will send you a scanned copy via email for your review to ensure that all details are correct. If you need any changes or corrections, email them to I20unit@wayne.edu. We will then mail a paper copy of your original I-20 to you and provide you with tracking information.

You can use your 9-digit student ID to check the status of your I-20 at any time. You can find your student ID on your admission letter. Please note that this I-20 tracker will only provide status updates after you have applied for your I-20 and submitted all necessary financial documents.

Please email i20unit@wayne.edu with any questions you have about your I-20.