Health insurance

Even if you have personal/private health insurance that covers you for international travel, you must enroll in the Wayne State-sponsored program through GeoBlue Worldwide Health Insurance for Higher Education. The cost is minimal and assures you of health insurance coverage if you become ill or are injured overseas. 

Once you receive your insurance card or access it through the GeoBlue app, you should visit the GeoBlue student site. There you can find out how to say medical phrases in the language of your destination, as well as schedule appointments with doctors and view local health and safety information.  

Please note that this program is not open to international students who are returning to their home country. 

 Enrollment Process and Cost

For most programs, our staff will enroll you in the health insurance plan, and the cost is often included in the program fee. Review your program page to see whether it is included in your fee or whether an additional payment is needed. This coverage is also available for purchase for any Wayne State student traveling independently.  

Program coverage is only in effect while you are overseas. Make sure to retain your U.S. health insurance while traveling internationally in case it is needed for a medical evacuation. 

Payments must be made in full through the Application Portal. Keep a copy of your payment receipt. 

You can review the GeoBlue information brochure for more information.